aboutpicRegency Embroiderers first opened its doors for business in 1994 and 14 years later, current owner, Sue Lawrence took the helm.
Over 25 years in operation has meant that Regency provides employment to excellent and experienced members of staff who have been with the company since day one.

In 2012, Regency expanded once more with the purchase of Malcolm Designs, which specialises in manufacturing school uniforms and work wear. The synchronicity between the two businesses has meant that more than ever before, Regency is a "one-stop-shop" for all promotional clothing and gifting needs.

Quality and Excellence

Regency’s focus remains on quality embroidery, and the business and all those it employs strive for excellence and service in everything they do. A pleasant and friendly work environment has led members of staff to adopt the motto of, "All for one and one for all".

Situated in the heart of Johannesburg, Regency supports and actions the training and empowerment of all who work under its roof. The concept of "Umoja", or "Unity" is at the centre of Regency’s company ethos.

I want to thank the Regency team for their excellent service and client satisfaction. Many times our deadlines are tight or we get unusual and unexpected orders, but Regency always makes a plan. You make my job so much easier!

Cindy Bailing, Co-ordinator - Marketing, Joy Global